Royalty on the throne.

Birthed from the sun,
emerged from the snow.

Migrated together to create
a chemical reaction well known…

We are well aware of what happens
when heats touches the cold.

My heart gets soft
when I’m around you.

Ready to receive the warmth
that surrounds you,
I feel your heat as you enter the room.

Melting tense muscles,
Painful memories disengage
to make way for your pleasant mood.

It was more than a temporary embrace.

We merged a bond that transcended
the temporal properties of space.

It resembles what we do everyday;
Travel the distance back and forth
between us
while simultaneously remaining in place.

Palms merged, fingers interlaced.
Our energy resonates
and reverberates
across dimensional planes.

Haven’t I felt this before?
It feels exactly the same.

Which is proof that true love
will never change.

The timer has been set to brew.

You grind the beans
as I push my flesh in you.

Milk the sex from you,
While creaming the nest for two.

Half and half.

We bathe in each other’s nectar.
Fertilizer spreads throughout the canal, combining the liquids for a thicker texture.

Fill my cup with your creamer.
I stuff myself inside you
to allow my grounds to lay deeper.

The pot fills until it spills over.
Leaving residue
until we pour it and start over.

Your latte is stirred with my spoon.

Always in season,
You’re my favorite flavor to consume.

Intro (Marce Smith)

Verse 1 (Godspeed2)

I feel like I’m the only one that’s left,
No remains,
Just abandoned.
What stood a stable figure
somehow got broke down to fragments.
Trying to recover from what happened to my family;
Failed relationships
evolving from misunderstandings.
A cold day in the city,
someone dead,
someone missing,
But no matter
the conditions,
somehow managed
to live with it,
And without further admittance,
or new answers on what did it,
We now have to admit
that we are failing at forgiveness.

Verse 2 (Marce Smith)

Lets leave the past
somewhere behind,
And bring back the good relationship we had.

When no one’s there for you,
Family is all we have.
When no one’s there for you…

Chorus (Marce Smith)

I know I
Broke your heart
And you did too.
I know you
And I had
Things to do.

But family is family
So we gotta stay close (Close).
When nobody’s there for you,
Family is your support!

Verse 3 (Jemma Webb)

Can’t believe you left me isolated,
We were supposed to be unbreakable!
But instead you lost your way
and listen to them instead of me.

I’m not here to break ties.
I don’t know
why we even divided.
Confide in me
in the name of our family.

Chorus (Marce Smith)

I know I
Broke your heart
And you did too.
I know you
And I had
Things to do.

But family is family
So we gotta stay close (We gotta stay close)
When nobody’s there for you
Family is your support!

Outro (Jemma Webb)

Don’t you leave me,
Don’t you leave me!
We got a bond to represent!

We got blood that’s golden,
Gotta mend my heart that’s broken.

If you cut yourself, 
your body heals on its own with minimal effort from you.

If you get sick,
your immune system
activates a complex process
that helps your body fight off foreign objects
and keep you alive.

This is coded in your DNA.

That's the word of God.

We live on a planet
whose distance from the sun
is calculated to such precision
we are able to thrive
in a beautiful ecosystem.

That's the word of God.

The word of God
is written in the world he created,
not the world polluted by man.

Learn the difference.

There can never be peace.
Fear dwells amidst the shadows of deceit.
Intentions embraced with naivety
have become obsolete.
Pheromones of the abyss
permeate with heat.

It is upon us.
The mist transforms
even the most faithful into its pawn but,
we’re taught to trust
what is beyond us.

We will remain protected
from the wrong once
we remind ourselves
of his promise.

Messages from the divive
have become obscured.
Distorted voices,
unable to tell if the source
is malignant
or good.

We gamble with what cannot be understood.