If you cut yourself, 
your body heals on its own with minimal effort from you.

If you get sick,
your immune system
activates a complex process
that helps your body fight off foreign objects
and keep you alive.

This is coded in your DNA.

That's the word of God.

We live on a planet
whose distance from the sun
is calculated to such precision
we are able to thrive
in a beautiful ecosystem.

That's the word of God.

The word of God
is written in the world he created,
not the world polluted by man.

Learn the difference.

There can never be peace.
Fear dwells amidst the shadows of deceit.
Intentions embraced with naivety
have become obsolete.
Pheromones of the abyss
permeate with heat.

It is upon us.
The mist transforms
even the most faithful into its pawn but,
we’re taught to trust
what is beyond us.

We will remain protected
from the wrong once
we remind ourselves
of his promise.

Messages from the divive
have become obscured.
Distorted voices,
unable to tell if the source
is malignant
or good.

We gamble with what cannot be understood.

Presenting: The Black Community.

We have resigned
from the ascension
of liberation
and regressed to an ancient plane
of stupidity.

Descending from the pulse of nature,
in less than 6 months
we have successfully reduced
the legacy of our ancestors
into forgotten memories.

And while the throne remains vacant,
the duties of dignity
were abandoned
because some of us announced allegiance to the enemy.

We went from Hotep to Notep.

From “no rest”

Grow net
no depth,

When all else fails;

Susceptible to the illusions
of idolatry,
vision from the 3rd eye
became obscured by the
rhythm of temptation.

Intoxicated from the frequency,
we were unable to resist
the tune of deceitful vibrations.

I suffer so you don’t have to.

Tracing a path for you to walk in,
I endure any damage that can potentially impact you.
While the progression is difficult,
the reward is substantial.

My life has been a journey destined for existential fulfillment
merely to demonstrate
your potential as an example.

We are servants of nature
bound by the limits
of our own destruction.
We experience the furthest depths of our failures
simply because we have the ability
to overcome them.

Hatred only finds us
because of its tendency
to cause dysfunction.

Humility is the gravity
that grounds us
when the freedom
of our choices

Reflections are not welcomed
in my field of reception,
Visual confirmation of my existence
has become very unpleasant.

Another day of being me.

The unappealing figure whose only
means of functioning is through the veins of the weak.

Runes of despair are tattooed
on the structure of my physique.

I often fail to score
the minimal values
necessary to escape
my own defeat.

Death approaches.

I witness it
close the distance
between us,
accelerating the inevitable
after we failed to secure
our first date.

I’m not the good guy,
I don’t meet the criteria
of bad either.

The unknown settles my fate
as questions
on what will follow linger.

I like the attention,
flattered that the afterlife
finds me attractive.

I entice it with my behavior,
wearing the most revealing
outfit that shows off my best asset.

I shouldn’t be leading it on;
acting like I’m interested
then backing out
at the last minute.

Some may call this selfish,
saying I should be responsible
for any consequences
because I’m the one that did it.

It has an appearance
that’s irresistible,
I found myself
giving in to the persuasion.

Seduced by its mysteries,
my current relationship
is on the verge
of break up,
and secretely,
I’m looking forward
to the occasion.

I was blessed with the ability to preach the word,
but I was never an evangelist.

Actively engaged in promoting social change,
but my methods are not safe enough
to be considered an activist.

I take heed to advice,
but I respond negatively
when someone tries to breach this establishment.

So then they labeled me with “rage mismanagement,”
with claims that I can’t handle it
because my emotions are one of my disadvantages.

Unable to compensate for the damages,
I guess it repeatedly caused issues.
Words cocked back into verbal pistols,
Ready to unleash rounds of built-up stress
and confused thoughts onto anything that bristled.

This isn’t just some random tantrum
that I’m supposed to sit through;
it’s something I can’t bear for too long.

You are addressing someone
who has been overly manipulated,
so I don’t care for too long.

People will always try to get over on you.
I know—I have been aware for too long.

Now, I have a mean mug so vicious
that the sun is even advised
not to stare for too long.

Come test me if you feel lucky.

I will tap into the other side of the spectrum
and expose you to a pain
that no living organism needs to witness—trust me.

This isn’t just a fluctuation of feelings
that is supposed to come out as funny…

I say prayers over this.

I established a solid foundation of suffering from my childhood,
so I have to put layers over it.

And now I never get scared over shit,
so it initiates my hormones to bring out the danger.

A few skeletons are in my closet,
and I will never remove them from the hanger.

I take a look at the person that I used to be;
I now recognize that individual as a stranger
with blood elevating from the bottom of my feet
at 212 degrees
as I struggle to keep down the anger.

If you reduce the heat,
then I can put a lid over my boiling pot
because I have a demon
that’s starving for attention,
and momentarily I am going to spoil him rotten.

You continue to push my buttons,
thinking that this is something of nothing,
but deep down,
you will find out that it’s not,
if you go around trying to pull people’s trigger,
eventually there’s a chance you are going to get shot…