As I,
Look back on my periods of growth.
I see myself slack as I’m gearing to go.
My confidence lows, am I appearing to slow?
Then my transmission blew as I was nearing the road.
I was,
Never one to make fun of the less fortunate.
Probably ’cause I was seen as less fortunate.
The pain I got was totally disproportionate.
Wanted success,
Instead, I was forced to quit.
It seemed people would impose me with strife.
I never responded ’cause they was supposedly right.
was suicidal for most of my life.
Won’t lie, I came close to it twice.
I was usually met with strong resistance.
Never caught the hint I had long persistence.
I belonged in ditches,
‘Cause my song was different.
Would respond to interests,
With the wrong intentions.

The attractive girls used to think I was ugly.
They would cringe in disgust if they had to touch me.
I looked like a bum, dirty, sad and crusty.
Used to steal from my Mom, If she hadn’t trust me,
I would be dead to this day, shot down, forgotten.
I wanted to die ’cause I was down in options.
You could hear it in my voice, how I sounded locked in.
Thought I lost my soul, but i found it rotton.
Was sad all the time, no one cared it would worsen.
Was this the result of being a terrible person?
Used to think inappropriately, I even shared it in person.
And was easily influenced, wasn’t aware of the serpents.
Soon as hell opened up, swear I was the first in.
Prolly needed saving, but I was scared of Church then.
Lost my self-esteem, wasn’t prepared to search in.
Everyone was happy, I was unfairly hurting.

I’m no angel.
I’m Shameful,
And wasteful,
But grateful,
I’m able,
To stay full,
And faithful,
I pray for,
The day-to,
Remove all things hateful,
Although a lot of times I can be seen as distasteful.
Despite it all, no longer flawed by my debts.
I’ve made some gains, and retained my respect.
Throughout the change, I maintained my finesse
We’re all the same, I’m no saint like the rest.

I Ain’t No Different Audio 

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