Would think of you all the time,
I got over you though.
Did necessary filtration that was important for growth.
I had recycled memories into renewable thoughts,
’till I sacrificed the energy with a few other costs.
Liberated at last.
I knew that it wouldn’t last.
What’s important is the lessons that you learn from the past.
You question, “How are things going?”
And I’m so glad that you asked.
I have a better connection, now that you’re not here to lag.
I’m doing better than ever I know I should be more modest,
But that’s what happens when you’re broken from emotional bondage.
I was never a slave, that doesn’t fit with my psyche.
So for me to be too pressed
is highly unlikely,
I walk like a king, I live by my faith.
Before I get crowned, I had some demons to break.
You could never comprehend
my emotional state.
That’s okay because you chose
to go the other way.

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