I wonder if I’m still enjoying myself.
Or is my dissatisfaction self-inflicted.
I keep saying that I’m immune to repetitious misfits, but finding myself becoming addicted.
I hate arguing.
I hate feeling like I’m impartial.
I hate thinking that everything I do is not good enough, or believing that impressing you is too hard to.
I can’t make you happy,
I’ve been in 3 different relationships within the past 7 years, apparently I fuxked up in each scenario.
I’ve lied, became angry, and denied my feelings, despite being quick to share them though.
Forced to internalize my thoughts because not too many care to know.
As I begin to regress because no one acknowledges my apparent growth.

I’m too emotional. I’ve learned not to express myself in situations that tend to backfire.
At the same time, I’m not the type to stop driving just because I have a flat tire.
Loved one’s tell me to get used to it, and try not to be too impacted by her.
But I refuse to live out the rest of my life being the result of someone else’s satire.

Day after day I’m disrupted with all these thoughts of you.
I find myself preoccupied on what you often do.
Your smile, your face, and because your skin is so soft and smooth,
I get excited the moment I get to talk to you.
Whenever I hear your name my attention is impacted.
Your face is so beautiful I may struggle to get past it.
Never had this feeling,
can not tell you how it happened.
The fact is
you’re passionate,
So let’s pursue this satisfaction.

My attention is shifted effecting concentration.
You’re so refreshing, you always reload in my observations.
Your existence is on a wavelength of cosmic vibrations.
This was the only way to describe these kind of sensations.
From the time we been dating,
I kind of been waiting,
To share our future after tying the commemoration.
Just look how fine your face is.
I find you in my favorite’s.
We always come together no matter how fine the space is.
I took the time to make this,
To show you how my faith is,
Thanking God for our graces.
How far are you trying to take this?
You and I together is the only thing that kind of makes sense.
From this point on we can share love and then combine and take lift.

TEOMM: 2nd Edition will be available on Amazon November 20, 2016.

‘The line between rap and poetry has always been unclear, and lyrical masterpieces recently produced by Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, and Eminem have only blurred it further. In this volume of poetry, Amos plays quite productively in the space between these two art forms. In “Genocide,” he writes, “My style of teaching is similar to Tupac and other great lyricists.” But perhaps a more obvious influence is a fellow Detroiter: “My favorite rapper was Eminem,” the author adds. Eminem is relentless with his rhymes; in older songs like “Stan” and newer pieces like “Survival,” the rapper doesn’t let artificial schemes determine the number of his rhymes. He will stop when he’s good and ready. Amos is similarly (and admirably) persistent…’

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My mind is plagued in moments of temptation.
Pictures of you pop-up in my thoughts and startle sensations.
You hijack my attention, humbly welcomed–my favorite invasion.
I consent to you taking over my land, you have been permanently stationed.

Climb onto my roller coaster, this is your seat to ride on.
Calling your name while you’re gone, from a distance you still have the ability to turn my mind on.
Push to start, my engine engaged, V-8, 0-100 on your command.
Submitting to each other, we provide neglected needs, supply and demand.
I always see where you’re coming from, I have my eye in your pants.
I give you access to my triggers of dopamine, my pleasures now lie in your hands.

Whispering each others name, we meet at secret coordinates by performing the rituals to summon each others attention.
We don’t have to speak, our bodies communicate from miles away interrupting our thinking and forcing our consensual wills to listen.

I love it when you sacrifice your voice just so I can I moan.
Soul-ties raveled to the point that I can feel you breathing even when I’m alone.
I knock on your back door, you say it’s already open.
You tattooed memories to my soul, so we’ve created an exclusive reality where we are the only occupants that are closed in.

I cause you life impairments just by activating the part of my brain you live in.
We can’t escape each other, time won’t erase this feeling.
I mount your thoughts and inject you with permanent memories of me.
Until you scream to the universe, begging our energies to cease.
But the collisions we made when we were in between the sheets.
Rippled through wavelengths and are now entering in sleep.

It’s like I release all the joy you give me through my center of gravity.
You absorb it, and digest it in your vaginal cavity.
You begin to think and reminisce on all the fun times you had with me.
And when you’ve exhausted all the moments we shared, you send it all back at me.

I see an image of you in my time line and get triggered when I pass it.
They say it’s an addiction when you have difficulty getting past it.
the toxicity of our connection keeps our future in balance.
You will always be my baby,
I love giving in to my favorite habit.