Floor full of toys,
food stains on the couch.
I leave writings on the wall
in every room of the house.

I like to climb up on the tables
and knock all my food on to the ground.
I know you’re cleaning up the kitchen,
but these plates are going down. 

‘Got my hands in the toilet,
you shouldn’t have left it open.
Now you’re yelling
and I’m laughing,
we’re on two different emotions.

I don’t want nothing to eat,
I know I said I’m hungry.
I’m just looking for a way
for you to waste more of your money.

I take my naps late in the day,
so you know I’m sleeping late.

And when it’s early in the morning,
I want you to wake up with me and play.

What’s that word I hear?
It sounds like you said no.
Now I’m screaming very loud,
and I’m crying all alone.

I run and fall out on the floor,
I make sure you see my antics.
Make you guilty with remorse
from my award winning theatrics.

I can get all that I want.
What else am I do?
I only go to these extremes…
just to show that I love you 👶🏽.

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