Our paths crossed.

We intercepted years of history,
bonding us as natural-born enemies for unknown reasons.

Our past’s lost,

Memories of torture,
and similar emotions
penetrate history to create permanent lesions.

Our last thoughts,

Compromised brain matter
attempts to compute the actions of man
and interprets the meanings.

We pass faults.

Justice is never reprimanded through man,
so apparently Martin Luther King is still dreaming.

I fail to conceptualize a life
where ethnicities no longer have to endure suffering.

As a race we were promised freedom,
the pursuit of happiness,
and everything in between,
but it seems it’s still buffering.

People believe hundreds of years of captivity and present, discriminatory activity
are not indicating factors of prejudice actions
being struck again.
It’s apparent we have yet to advance as a species
because ill intensions are being dealt,
giving no indication of when the bad luck would end.

Help me to understand
how the amount of melanin of the skin
determines who is more superior to whom.

Instead of being in competition,
we should advance ourselves from within,
otherwise we’ll be complacent to our doom.

It seems we have difficulties seeing the equality of all species, an issue that needs to quickly improve.

Because on our day of judgment,
our actions toward one another
will be the solitary evidence
that will make the court adjourn
before we set foot in the room.

Racism still exists if people are unaware that they’re racist.
It is ignorant hatred
applied toward different colors of faces.
We were told that we shouldn’t look the same,
so we were split up by nations,
But people are historically oblivious to the basics.

Centuries later,
history has been removed from our valued concept
of knowledge
when they lead you toward psychological prisons
because it would be historically incorrect
for you to go to college.

It’s astounding we are still being transported
by chains years after slavery has been abolished.

We are physically “free”,
but it’s our one-dimensional thought process
that’s being held hostage.
We bring in children,
and they are stuck in the same cycle of being led to coffins.

Our image is wrongly told,
and we are being computed by the wrong messages too often.

So when we encounter outsiders,
they misinterpret our intent
because they make up their own assumptions
of what we mean when we’re talking,
Then generalize us to live a lifestyle we may not be involved in.

Simply because of the color of our skin.

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