I rescind the forgiveness I gave to you.
Darkness orbits my conscious
and part of me hope’s the same for you.
I hate you.
Hate is used as synonym for unicorns and rainbows
Because it doesn’t entirely convey my disdain for you.

I’m haunted.
My brain chemistry has been altered to experience the part of the world the human psyche was designed not to witness.
I don’t want this.
I’m having battles in different dimensions just to keep my soul from becoming a victim.

This is farther from physical pain.
Gravity squeezes my nervous system
As I pop synthetic prayers to keep my flesh from becoming a stain.

I see things are good where you are.
You couldn’t possibly equate to this.
Trauma always leaves the biggest scar,
So you’re coming with me because no other passengers deserve to take the trip.

Buckle up.

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