Words can express the way I feel,
That’s what poets do.
I get the feeling you knew something like this would happen, conversing with God about being one of the chosen few,
I wanna know the truth.
You left, didn’t pack, no goodbyes, or warnings,
What were we supposed to do.
Honored and humbled that I was able to experience your spirit and have the opportunity to get close to you,
But I don’t know what to do.

Broken links never mold into chains again.
Once your energy left. I knew we would never be the same again.
Odds were against us throughout our entire journey, but through our connection we were able to reign within.
So essentially, you never left
You just separated mind from body,
And connected your everlasting spirit to aide us and protect our names from sin.

I recognize you were called home for a higher purpose.
I question God directly.
Because I know you became the soldier you knew you had the potential to be,
I just pray it was all worth it.
It hurts, shit,
No one was prepared for your departure.
My eyes boil over as I shuffle through cached memories from when we first met, to the day you cited your vows at the alter.

I would selfishly break into the gates of heaven to steal your soul and return you home if i had the chance to.
You were my brother, my Ace, my link, you were also my friend too.
You were there for us whenever you were needed,
No questions,
Even if you couldn’t stand to.
But now you integrated your soul into the higher workings of God, and you have been instructed have to watch over us,
Even if you didn’t plan to.

One thought on “Unlinked

  1. A says:

    Love your poems. You have a lot of talent and should post more online outside of just your poems to help put your name out!


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