I didn’t appreciate you enough when you were around.

Didn’t realize your presence would reduce a sudden amount,
To the point that it’s running out
In such a short time.
People told me to value you more, but I ignored signs,
Because while they sacrificed theirs, I thought I could afford mine.
I miss the times we shared.
You taking me to alternate planes and showed me thangs I never seen before.
I was exposed to your beauty, but didn’t realize I needed more.
We’ve been separated too long now.
My days have been drawn out,
And I’ve been so deprived I feel like I might literally fall down.
I thought to myself, maybe you were just at the wrong house,
And I just need to convince you where you belong now.
Come back to me and let’s share the valued time we used to spend
I know I said I could function without you in the past, but I was making excuses then.
Reminiscing on our memories and regretting the moments I didn’t choose to spend,
I can say now that without you, I am a useless man.
I miss you sleep.

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