Day after day I’m disrupted with all these thoughts of you.
I find myself preoccupied on what you often do.
Your smile, your face, and because your skin is so soft and smooth,
I get excited the moment I get to talk to you.
Whenever I hear your name my attention is impacted.
Your face is so beautiful I may struggle to get past it.
Never had this feeling,
can not tell you how it happened.
The fact is
you’re passionate,
So let’s pursue this satisfaction.

My attention is shifted effecting concentration.
You’re so refreshing, you always reload in my observations.
Your existence is on a wavelength of cosmic vibrations.
This was the only way to describe these kind of sensations.
From the time we been dating,
I kind of been waiting,
To share our future after tying the commemoration.
Just look how fine your face is.
I find you in my favorite’s.
We always come together no matter how fine the space is.
I took the time to make this,
To show you how my faith is,
Thanking God for our graces.
How far are you trying to take this?
You and I together is the only thing that kind of makes sense.
From this point on we can share love and then combine and take lift.

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