Old times flashback like shuffled screenshots.
Selecting them all, you emptied them in your recycling bin and deleted them permanently.
Bookmarks weren’t refreshed, and the last visit was almost a year ago.
All of a sudden the task manager has a ton of free space.
Did you reboot your system?
Reinstalled all your programs?
I thought I was your favorite,
Maybe the domain was invalid,
Now the webpage can’t be found,
Looks like its been permanently moved.
Have you ran out of memory,
Or was your upgrade due soon?
Maybe I lagged too much.
Did you think twice about your quality of service?
What happened to my refunds?
I guess mistakes were made.
Proper disposal was neglected, so the damages remains the same.
Where did our sync go?
This part of the contract wasn’t explained,
Everytime I called customer service, no one was there when i complained.
Memories flood my brain, so I close my eyes and play duck hunt,
Severing memories, failing to learn where my luck flunked.

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