“The Psychology of Poetry”

You must not know who I am.
I’ll spare your attention with pointless introductions.
I’m the brain signals that make you smile whenever you hear my name going into discussions.
The Rosa Parks of your thoughts that refuses to go to the back seat.
You would literally have to snatch me,
Then drag me
through the back street,
And lock me in a cage with a latched key;
To delay the process of headaches, that become migraines, that eventually start
turning into concussions.
Just call me an unforgettable surprise.
A normal individual in disguise.
Someone you screenshot memories of within your eyes.
And as you live out the remaining days of your lives,
My image arrives,
Spontaneously throughout your mind as
noiseless interruptions.
Inhibitions are now destroyed and reconstructed,
I avoided repercussions
of having
too much awesome.
Normally, I’m subtle with my approach,
as you can tell I don’t do this often,
But by now you should have a clearer image of who’s this talking.

I am the vibration of the lips, a dialect, and a description of the soul.
I am the universe in God’s hand when Adam was just 6 years old.
I am the feeling that’s created when your body begins to shake and you clinch your toes.
Your anatomy overload’s and your ribs expose,
And then explode,
And you get this feeling like you clenched ten goals
drenched in gold.

I am the immense exaggeration that deviates dramatically from normality.
Depleted my mediocrity to enter the realm of abnormality,
So to call me one of a kind would be blasphemy.
I exist on this infinite scale of insanity
that is exclusively designed to function only within my capacity.
And since I have this undefined mentality,
It gives me characteristics that are substantially,
Incomparable to any other particles that exist in this universe organically.
Money is power, words are a force,
So what’s a body builder to gravity?
I possess the same leadership strategies as the other members of society who been identified as losing their sanity.
I can be used in versatile ways whether it’s to help or hurt humanity.
Engulf my spirit, it would grant you access to aspects of my personality.
Self-destruction is in conjunction with the pleasures of creating a masterpiece,
I am poetry…
I design your world’s reality.

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