We don’t know each other and you may not have a particular interest in acquiring new acquaintances.
I recognize a bio-chemical compatibility, so why not submerge each other in our own amazingness.
Our lips are desiring the extensive, prolonged security of an intimate relationship,
We can ignite flames that scent the fragrance of pleasure,
I appear in your mind after you closed your eyes to make a wish.
I’m feeling you,
You’re feeling me,
Our chemistry
Is colliding like destroyed atoms crashing into each other, replicating cosmic energy.
Let’s take the hint.
I’m sure you’ve had your share of unoriginal interactions, so I’ll be sure not to make the list.
Our tongues are celebrating and performing ancient rituals, slow dancing with anticipation as they await the kiss.
We can create memories that linger in the synaptic gap of reoccurring flashbacks, striking still images that appear in our minds no matter what day it is.

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