Slow your mind down,
Place your thoughts on cruise control.
Auto-pilot your brain, seat belt your imagination, prepare to lose control.
My tongue touches your flower,
She surfs the waves.
Rippling saliva throughout your tsunami,
Controlling your motor skills, muscles enslaved.
I am your weakness,
You have no will power once I begin to say grace.
Your favorite massage therapist, you tip efficiently on my face.
Swaying my tongue in multiple directions, licking in areas that have been neglected for years,
Every suck and flicker registers with your brain, the sounds of your voice sonic-booming the enhanced feeling in my ears.
Your body wants to reproduce, we’re telling her to get ready,
You have heat emitting from the door of your oven, the glands around your vaginal wall is sweating.
Submit to the feeling I’m giving you,
Don’t let society shame you from receiving pleasure.
Any negative response you’ll obtain from this interaction can be all ejected with the impeding weather.
Have confidence in your physical release,
You can use me for your personal gain. Eject the stressors from the day and just leave,

No one will judge you.
You have the most sensitive organ known to human reproduction, and I have a wet tongue for its stimulation.
The irony of this situation,
Is that my face is between your legs, but I’m licking your thoughts creating graphic, mental simulations.
Let me reinforce your femininity,
You have needs and hormones that need organizing,
I like a direct request, tell me what you want,
I respect confidentiality, so you won’t have to worry about this experience being demoralizing.

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