I am conditioned to your destructive methods.
Submissive to how you construct your weapons.
Your words=A corruptive message,
Erupted brain chemicals,
inhibited language,
forced to return for seconds.
It’s reckless,
But I’m breathless…

Hot Showers
Shaky Legs
And sweaty palms.
Plot hours
Making Bed,
With Steady Calm.
Chopped Flowers,
Scrapping shreds
From readied bongs.
Shots powered,
From craving meds
Of deadly psalms.
Your voice is a reflection of songs too heavy and too long.

Melodies are tracing memories, lacing situations with Déjà vu.
Reminiscing on chasing remedies, trying to forget you, but fail on the days I do.
Eternal enemies, chemically bound to lust, forever embedded in the ways I grew,
Mimicked energy, reflecting perfection, ceasing to be amazed by you.
Choke me with euphoria, strangle my throat so my lungs can give oxygen a two-week notice.
Make my body jealous, convince my brain that you are all I need to keep focus.
Until I’m over dosing,
On feelings exiled from being spoken,
My soul is open.
Spirits recognize my vulnerability to be chosen,
I know this,
All that matters is freezing the perception of time for this moment,
This feeling is ferocious.
Leaving me stricken for days, lost, and hopeless,
I have no control over my indulging.
It’s lethally atrocious
and I fully submit everything in order to maintain a lethal dosage.
I don’t know where I’m going.
I just know the link between man and God has been broken,
Judgment in motion.
everything about my well-being is completely frozen.
I’m golden.
Fully immersed in a forbidden segment of my mind’s component,
What’s all the commotion?
Who would have known that you can access the Garden of Eden from the mind’s emotion.
It’s that potent.

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